Christine L. Harvey

Chris is a PhD student studying the effects of environmental dynamics on sustaining the population of the Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), an economically critical species for South Florida. Coupling a bioenergetics growth model to geospatial datarepresenting environmental parameters provides insightinto how this charismatic species utilizes the complex habitats of south Florida. A major focus of Chris’ work examines how tarpon use the Florida Everglades. Chris was awarded the 2014 Everglades Foundation Fellowship to examine the effects of CERP and climate changes on the sustainability of the Florida Everglades and its coastal fisheries. Chris has a unique background in that she holds an engineering degree and worked as a Systems Engineer for several years prior to pursuing her PhD. Her work merges engineering principles with ecological processes enabling her to bring a unique perspective to addressing the complex and dynamic issues facing south Florida. Beyond her work, Chris enjoys surfing,practicingKrav Maga(an Israeli martial art), and a good beer once in a while.